About Ibrahim Dashti

Ibrahim was born in 1986 in Kuwait. He joined a music group in high school and started to play the guitar; at the age of 17 he was influenced by a Turkish song he heard from the internet titled “Seni Versinler Ellere” sung by the Turkish singer “Ibrahim Tatlises”. He admired the singer’s performance as well as the music.

Ibrahim continued practicing after graduating from high school and he even sang in Turkish, influenced by the Turkish singer and the Spanish guitarist “Paco de Lucia”. `He also published his attempts on the internet and got the attention of a TV show that made an entire episode about him to showcase his talent.

Ibrahim graduated from College of Business Studies and worked in a bank where he felt that this is not what he wanted as a career. He then enrolled in Star Academy Television Show and succeeded in reaching the finals; He became the second Kuwaiti to reach the final since the show launched.

After his journey with Star Academy finished, he felt the need to practice his vocalize to develop his talent more, and received training from Amani Al-Haji in The Higher Institute of Musical Arts, After that he released his first hit song “Mkhasmha”.